Watch ‘Money Talks‘ Short Film ‘Proof of Concept’ Teaser video below.

This ‘Proof of Concept’ Teaser video compliments our ‘Money Talks’ Short Film project.

A mystifying, esoteric tale which will tug on your heartstrings. Our film exposes entrenched attitudes to money versus love and human values, revealing the deep root cause of a family’s conflict. This story will make you laugh, cry and may even shock you, but most of all, it will ask you to consider… when money ‘talks’, what does it say?

We shall be launching a Crowdfunding campaign soon – to kickstart this film into production! Follow us for news updates. Find out more here:

Ma’at Films UK Ident. Music: Sacred Fluids by Purl & proto U.

Drumming Spirit (Short Film).

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Egg Fu Woo (Music Video).

More soon!